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Dewson Construction WH2P The Answer Company Silvon Bluevault Secure DNB First
Dewson Construction

Dewson Construction

Containing over 1000 images of spectacular homes built by this high end home builder. Possibly the biggest portfolio site I’ve ever built.



My three partners and myself have worked with an impressive range of clients over the last 20 years helping these companies transition to the internet age.

Answer Printing

The Answer Company

This site has a great deal of information available for potential customers in the very competitive NY printing area.


Silvon Software

Silvon is a very strong competitor in the very competitive field of Business Intelligence.

I’ve worked with Silvon for over 15 years handling everything from designing and coding the site, refining the site’s SEO, to the StratumTM application buttons & icons, and creating artwork for powerpoint presentations.

Bluevault Secure


A deceivingly complex site, this site grabs current market prices for gold and silver, calculates their pricing, updates their POS system, updates their store monitor and does all this every 4 minutes. Only taking part of the weekend off.

We have reworked the content several times to finely tune the content for every search engine opportunity.

Water Street Gym

DNB First

A small bank in SE Pennsylvania with 13 branches. This site gets frequent updates as products change to meet the changing competitive banking market.

I’ve worked extensively with Philly Marketing Labs to focus the site’s SEO.

Hi. My name is Roger Poole. I do design and coding for websites. I present myself to you with an extremely long history of communications experience starting with a BFA from Syracuse University. That degree may have been earned a long time ago, but an eye for design and art is a lifetime skill. I also work with 3 partners at WH2P Marketing Communications for doing large projects with other marketing goals such as branding. If you’ve got a big project that needs branding and collateral, please, go there now. Seriously, I won’t be offended. I’m the “P” of WH2P. We’ll put the entire team on your project.

Random Profound Words to live by:

Let us beware of saying that death is the opposite of life. The living being is only a species of the dead, and a very rare species.

Friedrich Nietzsche

I like search engine friendly websites. My primary focus when I do your site will be to make it SEO. I do my website design focused on being visitor friendly and, most important, search engine friendly. After all, you do want to be found, don’t you? Other things I do include animated banner ads, either flash or gif. I can do Adobe Flash. And while my experience does qualify me to design your logo or other collateral, that’s not my current focus. I’d rather design your website. If you have a designer on hand, I’ll gladly work with them to keep your site within your “brand.” I code CSS. I code HTML, and if I work on your site today, it will be done to the most current HTML5 standards. I pride myself with my sites validating as error free. I work with PHP and mySQL. I work with jQuery. My biggest advantage over your using a full time “coder” is I can tell what looks right and what doesn’t. I am more comfortable in Photoshop than you’ll ever be. If your coding problem is really complex, I have great friends that are great at heavy lifting and if that’s not what you need, I can help guide you to the right resource.

I’m no fool.

So, you need to pay me for something? I do take credit cards at paypal. Click on the icon below to open a paypal window.


I’ve done internet/interactive work since 1997. In web speak, that’s the Stone Ages. There’s a lot of stuff I’ve seen in those years. Browser wars mostly. WebTV was in vogue. (Interestingly enough, it sounds like modern day TVs wants to be websmart and it might come full circle.) Way back before that, I did a lot of print work. If you come to me from the print world, I will tell you I’ve done print design for many major companies such as Field & Stream, Remington Firearms or DuPont since 1977, so I’ll understand your intentions from the get-go and will help guide you to producing your project properly for the web. And heck no, I really don’t want to do print work anymore.

I’ve joined about every social media site out there. Gotta problem? I might be able to help.

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