Hi! My name is Roger Poole.

I do design and code for websites. With a long history of communications experience starting with a BFA from Syracuse University, finely tuned into an eye for detail by many years at Lyons Marketing and as a partner at WH2P Inc. I am able to help you with my lifetime capabilities to make your website as effective a marketing tool as it can be.

I make websites.

My primary focus when I do your site will be to make it SEO friendly. I make responsive websites. And I know how to go the extra mile to make your site accessibility friendly if necessary.

And while my experience does qualify me to design your logo or other collateral, that’s not my current focus. I’d rather design your website. If you have a designer on hand, I’ll gladly work with them to keep your site within your “brand.” I code CSS. I code HTML, and if I work on your site today, it will be done to the most current HTML5 standards. I pride myself with my sites validating as error free. For even more fun, check this website grader link. I work with PHP and mySQL. I work with jQuery. My biggest advantage over your using a full time “coder” is I can tell what looks right and what doesn’t. I am more comfortable in PhotoShop or Illustrator than you might ever be. And more versed in effective legible web typography than a print designer will ever be. And if your coding problem is really complex, I will gladly help guide you to the right resource.

If it is a CMS you are looking for, I’m capable of creating a wordpress site theme, and supporting your endeavor. From the wordpress install, to the theme creation, to the maintenance, all very do-able.

The Portfolio

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I’ve done internet / interactive work since 1997.

I’ve managed email blasts for many clients over many years.

I’ve joined about every social media site out there.

I’m no fool, this is a business.