Serves me right. Can’t say anything profound.

A witty saying proves nothing.

French author, humanist, rationalist, & satirist (1694 – 1778)

Creepy Sales Pitch

I recently decided to get new gutters for the house. I’d had a handyman/laborer make an offer a year ago to redo the entire house for $750. But I decided to go with the big guys, you know the guys with the advertising and the trucks and the guarantees.

We made an appointment for Saturday at 9:00. Unbeknownst to me, my wife had an appointment to have her hair done at that time. But that shouldn’t be a big deal. If they’d come in under perhaps $1200, I could have written a check right there.

At 9:00 two young-ish (30+) year old guys with the seemingly prerequisite cell phones strapped to belts and shiny shoes show up. They had parked in a rather awkward place to leave a car just out side my driveway. It was all I could do to keep the dogs from going nuts all over them. George didn’t care, just throw the f#*king ball, please.

When they learned that Beth wasn’t going to be there for the sale, they completely fell apart. One guy immediately called his boss saying “the wife isn’t here!” “the wife isn’t here! She left for a hair dresser appointment!”

When I explained I’d like to hear their presentation and we quickly walked around the house and we all pointed out trouble areas with my current gutter situation. (It had rained recently and there were plenty of problems.) I thought they would get down to business, make some measurements and price some options. But no. The leader of this group said “You don’t understand. The number they would give me would only be good today.” He finally went into a spiel about how they had diligently made it there for the appointment and that Beth had let us all down by not being there. Basically blaming her.

That’s just ridiculous.

I reached over and shook his hand and said “that’s just creepy that you can’t present it to me. No thank you and good bye.” They politely departed to their car where they seemed to spend the next 20 minutes on their phone and then they left.

Since that day, their schedulers have called me twice at work to reschedule. When I explained the situation to one (Female, I believe black? Sorry to sound so racist.) that I felt their presentation practice was sexist, she giggled and said she understood and hung up.

GutterGuard from Dixie Home Crafters Inc. www.gutterguard.net

In the next month, I figure on dropping $15,000 on the house to do new windows and surprise, new gutters. From some other company. I really hope that GutterGuard’s sales manager loses his job.


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