By the light of mom’s headlights

I like shots taken where it seems the camera just shouldn’t be. You know, nighttime, rain, snow and other such elements. Each night I take the dogs out around 10. And I always think it’s a great photo opportunity, but the shots are usually lousy. This night Beth wasn’t home and we were out front waiting.

That’s a genuine Pyr smile where Grace sees Beth’s car coming around the corner.

Stupid drive-me-crazy Facebook applications

*dancing banna’s*

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Grace sings

Grace sings, originally uploaded by POOLEworks | roger.

One of my contacts put up a sweet little video of her pup singing along. I thought, I can do that. Grace likes to sing along it you say woooo wooo long enough. Problem is, she’s gotten so old that she can barely eak it out.

Sorry for my WOOO WOOO. It is obnoxious.