Exhibit subject decided.
Project ready to roll.

Update: project is done. It was up for a month. Sold nothing.

I am a little amazed that it was 7 months ago that I was wondering what subject I should feature in a hanging show at Stonegates.


Since then I have created prints. Bought frames. Cut and mounted 10 panoramic images.

The Bio

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 11.02.16 AM

The same place, 
different weather, 
different days,
different times.

I walk my 2 dogs about 11/2miles every morning. There’s a particular spot in the woods that I walk through that seems to be different each time we pass by. On a whim, I started taking a photo each day I walked past this spot. Little did I realize that 5 months later and over 70 photos that I would need to select such a small number of them.

I like panoramic photos. To me, a photo shouldn’t lock your head in one position and just let your eyes move. To me, it’s more interesting to have the viewer forced to turn his neck to look back and forth, to not be able to take the entire subject with a glance. You will have to let your eyes follow the long perspective down the creek and then to have to pull your eyes back to look up the creek. Up the creek is a different scene than down the creek. Across the creek another scene within itself.

I hope you enjoy the view.

Roger Poole
Syracuse University BFA 1977.
Graphic designer, web designer & coder for over 37 years.

All photos with frame $65.00


Here are the images: