Tiger Woods

I love this guy as a golfer, but all I can say is stupid stupid stupid stupid.

The good news. It isn’t OJ all over again. It’s sort of Kobe. Let me say it again. Stupid stupid stupid stupid!

This guy made his rep by marrying a wonderfully beautiful “white” woman and expounding on the joys of having 2 wonderful babies. I say white in quotes because it wasn’t that many generations ago, he’d been hung for that. But it was presented as a wonderful union.

I just wonder sometimes if just having kabillions of money changes your relationships. Or does it change your attitude toward your relationships? Do woman throw themselves at this type of rich person. Is this a particular type of woman? If you or I were an athlete making millions of dollars weekly, would I have women throwing themselves at me? How do you think you’d respond?

I have noticed my very well off bro in law does get a certain heightened type of respect from family members that others don’t. (Sorry dude, I’ve heard stuff behind your back that you’ll never know. It’s just you have earned your respect in this family by your deeds. And for all I’ve ever seen in the last 15 years, you run a clean show.)

Let me rephrase it. Tiger, Sad sad sad sad. Just sad.